Lowin’ Productions makes graphical illustrations & patterns and is founded by Louise Henning; a Swedish creative girl who has been drawing & playing around with colours ever since she was a kid. She gets her inspiration from graffiti, interior design & colours from the 80’s. A few years ago she started to play around with different shapes and colours and few months later Lowin' Productions was founded. Postcards & posters avaliable at Gallerix.
Mr.Penguin - Örngott 80 x 80 cm
Mrs.Penguin - Örngott 80 x 80 cm
Mr.Owl - Örngott 80 x 80 cm
Peacock - Stora knappar 56 mm
You look kinda nice today... - Stora knappar 56 mm
Bouncy Övrigt - Hårt iPhone 5/5s-skal
Imagination - Tygväska
Butiker från Lowinproductions